Scalp micropigmentation, also known as SMP,  is simply a cosmetic tatoo. This is a non surgical application that perfectly replicates the look of a follicle. This is the only guaranteed baldness solution on the planet. 

By utilizing specific needles and pigments created for this procedure alone, we are able to expertly match your natural hair. We create a hairline that is perfect for your age and look and this is customized to each client. 

Scalp Micropigmentation is done in a minimum of three sessions which are scheduled 7 to 14 days apart. Each session is approximately 2-3 hours. The procedure is virtually painless and comfortable. We work with your body's natural healing process in order to stack pigment in the papillary layer of the dermis in order to create a flawless 3d look. 

SMP can be used for all skin types, male or female, for any types of baldness including alopecia. 

Stevey G is one of the worlds longest practicing professionals since 2012. He has pioneered the first machines, pigments and needles created for scalp micropigmentation industry. He is one of the worlds leaders with countless awards, panels and speeches around the world. 

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